Room Over Garage

The most logical location on this home for a room addition was over the garage. To expedite construction and save money, a crane removed the existing roof. First, new floors were put in place, then walls, and finally the existing roof put back in place. It took one day!

Screened Porch and Addition

The rear of this home was seriously boring. More than that, it wasn't functional. The addition expanded the master bedroom and included a fireplace, and the screened-in porch provided elegant, bug-free, outdoor living.

Kitchen Expansion

The existing kitchen was absurdly small and dark with very little view into their gorgeous back yard.  The natural thing to do was expand the kitchen toward the rear and give them both a fantastic view and a comfortable, roomy kitchen and a fantastic view from the dining area.


  • Multi-Level Deck

  • A tiny concrete slab was unusable as a patio. The solution was a two-tier wraparound deck that visually connected the interior and exterior spaces. Low, so as not to block views, the bench seating is both attractive and functional. The planter overflows with flowers.

  • Deck and Addition

  • This "before" image is of the back of the house. It's a corner lot and everyone came in this door, not the front. It made sense to create a proper entry, so a porch was created, the garage turned into a room, and an attractive deck added. The house now lives like it was intended.


Fireplace Restructure

The existing fireplace worked. . .but was miserable from both an esthetic and practical standpoint. The restructuring of it is sleek, modern, and accommodates a contemporary gas fireplace, large-screen TV, and concealed sound system.

Interior Restructuring

This seriously dated townhouse had good "bone structure," as we call it. But the overall appearance was cluttered and clumsy. Many areas functioned poorly. The solution was to completely re-create the interior space. This view from the entry draws guests past the curved island, down the new curved steps and into a peaceful living room filled with afternoon light. The steps beyond lead to a small sitting room, which used to be a bathroom. Through the sliding glass door, one can see the deck which overlooks ducks and geese in the large pond.


Kitchen Bump Out

This kitchen was a disaster. Too small for the very nice house that it was part of, the solution was to bump it out 6'. Large skylights were added along with furniture grade cabinetry giveing it an elegant appeal. Also manuy fine details make this a tremendously appealing kitchen.

Updated Kitchen

What a dark and dingy kitchen this was! The cabinets weren't all that bad, but the whole effect was massively boring. The bold, new look was achieved with custom cabinets, a strong lighting scheme, picture window and elimination of the useless soffits.

Bathroom Update

This master bath had a rarely used garden tub. Combined with a huge mirror, the effect was "stadium-like". The tub was eliminated and a roomy shower built in its place. The bath is now warmer, more intimate, in human scale and with increased storage.

Bath Transformation

This master bath was old and outdated, plus not very functional. Notice all the "stuff" on the countertop. The remodeled bath is gorgeous and far more useful. Well-placed cabinets provide easily accessed storage.