Remodeling Expertise Why You Need Me...

I've learned the secret of creating magnificent home living spaces for the lowest possible cost.

Here is how I do it:Remodeling Craftsman

  • Creative design - the result of nearly 40 years of residential design experience.
  • Most materials and labor are provided at my contractor cost - NO MARKUP.
  • Cabinets are available at wholesale prices.
  • A consulting relationship which places me on your team.

Allow me to expand on these concepts:
There is an inherent conflict of interest which exists in the traditional homeowner/contractor relationship. My job, when hired by you, is to act on your behalf in ensuring that the overall design is executed in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. The service I provide breaks down into 3 distinct, if overlapping, categories – Design, Consulting, and Construction.

Every project begins with a design, even if it’s no more than a scribble on a napkin. The real questions are, "How well thought out is this?" and "What are we not seeing?" The end result should reflect a magnificent blend of art and science. Art, to infuse the project with creativity and visual appeal. Science, to insure that the space is well-made, fun, and efficient to use.

This is a new, but growing, type of service in the remodeling industry. Rather than proceeding in the typical, adversarial homeowner/contractor relationship, established experts place themselves on the side of the homeowner. The result is lower cost and much less frustration.

Although I am a licensed contractor, I no longer participate in the actual construction process. My job is to bring on board those skilled craftsmen who will make the design we've so carefully crafted become reality. By working directly for you and on your behalf, I can now use the full force of my passion for homes for your benefit. However, for small, straight-forward projects a fixed-price contract is still an available option.

Remodeling Designer Meet jerry

With almost 40 years of remodeling experience behind me, I've seen it all.
This vision enables me to do two very important things:
  • Designer Jerry Schuster1.  Quickly visualize both the possibilities and pitfalls inherent in the project.
  • 2.  Present you with a range of options so you can make intelligent, well-informed, decisions.

Houses are my passion and making them work and live better for you is what I thrive on. Most contractors approach home improvement from a construction viewpoint. That may seem obvious, but it leaves out a critical ingredient. My approach is from that of an artist, which I am. I can't stand boring and ordinary; not when it's possible to create something incredible, often for the same cost - maybe even less.

If you’ve been thinking about making an improvement to your home, you should be aware of the following fact: You don’t have to settle for just a meat and potatoes, average, vanilla, sensible shoes, 1% milk-on-oatmeal, sort of home improvement. It can - and should - be spectacular.

The end result of all of this is a long list of clients who speak very highly of me. I'm proud of that legacy, but no more proud than my clients are of their newly remodeled homes. Read below what a few of them have to say.


I strive to create projects that give you outstanding results at the lowest possible cost. Here, you can read what my customers have to say:

"Very happy – would not change anything. I am thrilled with the job."
-- Mary Lou C. in Chapel Hill, NC

"A 10 – Couldn't have been better."
-- Earl B. in Durham, NC

"It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company. My family loves the room and deck and all we get is OOOH’S and AAH’S when people first see the room. More than one person has suggested we should be featured in Southern Living Magazine!"
-- Richard and Patty F. in Durham, NC

"Jerry and Jim worked hard to make this screened porch for us. It was a difficult layout and they were the only ones to actually come up with a feasible design. Every other contractor just wanted to square off the deck and build a lean-to roof. Not what we wanted. The finished product exceeded all our expectations. The work took a lot longer than anticipated, but in the end the room came out great and looks like it was part of the original design of our home."
-- Fred D. in Hillsborough, NC

"Working with Jerry in the design and implementation of my new kitchen/sunroom addition was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable thru the design phase and construction phase. The crew was great and kept such a clean working environment inside and out. They kept to schedule as planned – 3+ months. The workmanship, attention to detail, and final outcome speaks for itself. An A+ in my book!"
-- Karen R. in Chapel Hill, NC

"Jerry spent more time than I expected during the design phase of the project to ensure that we had a clear idea of options available. He was responsive to a concern about budget and readily agreed to work within a ceiling amount to return a value project. Workmanship is very good to excellent."
-- Paul and Rebecca H. in Durham, NC